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Fake urine for drug test

How to use fake urine for drug test?

A drug test can be a stressful event in the lives of those who occasionally like to smoke pot. It can seem to be the most unfair way to judge a person because it bases the person's merit on his recreational preferences rather than his intellect and skill set.  


Many lose their jobs and the opportunity to grow over this and it becomes impossible for so many to keep their weekend recreations if they want to enhance their career. How to pass a drug test in a day? Is it even possible to do it at such a short notice? Yes it is.If you use fake urine for drug test. Synthetic urine is probably the best and easiest way to pass a drug test, however its almost impossible if you try to detox your body naturally.


To be honest, most drugs tend to stay in your system for really long and some drugs like marijuana can even be detected after months of use. This comes off as a very unfair thing and many people feel they are being punished for something they did so long ago. If you have lost all hopes for clearing the test , you there is good news for you.


Yes, you can pass your drug test and if you prepare well in the day before by using just natural home remedies. Most urine cleanser kits don't even work that well so you should not even think about investing in those.


However, it is difficult to predict if these methods will work but they are worth trying than simply giving up on your hopes of holding your job! Despite the fact that your body needs weeks to completely remove the traces of marijuana and other drugs from its system, yes, there is hope for you.

Diuretics to pass drug test

Diuretics is the first method which we will discuss in this post. These are a class of medication that are designed to increase the loss of water from the body and increase your speed of detoxification by promoting the production of urine. This accelerates the expulsion process and helps in quicker detoxification. This will cause all the salts from your body to get out of the system and you will find your system getting cleaner.


If you start using this method around 3 to 4 days before the actual test, the chances of detoxification will increase substantially. Diuretics, for the most part, are safe but unfortunately, there can be some really harmful side effects if you overdose.


So, make sure that you do not consume them in more quantities than the officially defined one and you will be safe from any kind of problems.  Midol is diuretic which is a medication used to treat bloating during the menstruation period in women. It will also safely and effectively clean your urine in the day so you can produce a cleaner sample the next day. Yes "cleaner", but not as clean as fake urine.


Why would you use fake urine for drug test?

So the diuretics method is an option, but to be honest I wouldn't recommend it. Synthetic urine is good because:

  1. It doesn't require preparation
  2. No need to stop smoking weed or using drugs
  3. No need to exercise
  4. No need to dforce yourself to drink gallons of water a day
  5. No need to eat healthy 

These are my five points, why synthetic urine is a much better alternative to pass a drug test. Even if you do all the preparation, your chances are very slim to pass a drug test, just by detoxing your body for 1-2 weeks.


Read Some fake urine reviews

If you choose the best fake urine brand for your drug test, then you have nothing to worry about. You can read fake urine reviews, but with some common sense you can filter the fake reviews out. I would recommend Monkey whizz, Quick Fix and Sub Solution synthetic urine.


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This is the most detailed "urine drug test "guide online.You can learn everything about using fake urine for drug test.

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